While we take all precaution necessary and use the highest of quality in balloons, once the balloons leave our premises, they are now in your care & there are a few things for you to be aware off: 


  1. Balloons can have a mind of their own. They could suddenly pop with no reason/cause

  2. We always recommend collecting balloons on the day they are required if possible. 

  3. Transporting balloons in a car: 
    We place each balloon arrangement in a bag for easy transport to and from a car however balloons must not be kept in the bag for longer than 30 minutes. Balloons must be transported home or to the event location as soon as possible. They are not to be left in the boot/back seat especially on a hot day as heat expands helium molecules causing them to pop. If you have air-conditioning, turn it on or open the windows slightly for air. 


  4. Please ensure balloons do not touch anything sharp and aren’t thrown around, as this can cause damage. 

  5. Latex balloons are biodegradable as they are made from natural rubber. When left in the sun, they oxidise and become cloudy in colour over time. 

  6. Inflating Balloons that have been supplied to us: 
    We cannot guarantee the quality of balloons supplied to us. If they are faulty or burst during/after inflation, you will still be charged full cost for inflation. Balloons we use are of a high quality and quite often, balloons supplied in retail to the public are not of the same quality/brand. 

Lake Coogee, WA
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